Your audience wants to hear from people like them – people with a real and authentic voice

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Use Cases

Video Testimonials

From heartfelt customer testimonials to inspiring employee stories and compelling video case studies, MahaloHub lets you showcase the authentic voices that matter most.
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Amplify your cause with annual giving campaigns, member stories, employee videos, and subject matter expert features. Let the authenticity of your mission shine through.

Marketing & Branding

Elevate your brand with social media sharing, educational videos, authentic Voice of the Customer testimonials, and compelling product reviews. Unleash the power of authentic storytelling to boost your marketing efforts.

Events & Tradeshows

Capture the energy and value of your events with attendee testimonials, sponsor/exhibitor features, speaker profiles, and dynamic event promotions. Make your events unforgettable through authentic experiences.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with impactful customer references, persuasive video case studies, and sales best practices. Let authenticity be your strongest selling point.

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Attract top talent through engaging employee stories, candid candidate feedback, warm executive/manager introductions, and immersive day-in-the-life videos. Elevate your employer brand with authentic storytelling.

Thought Leadership

Highlight the expertise inside your organization and elevate your brand as a thought leader with team insights, executive perspectives, and subject matter expert videos.

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Health & Wellness

Unlock the potential of your health and wellness brand with MahaloHub
– the ultimate tool for maximizing social proof

MahaloHub empowers health and wellness product brands, software companies, service providers, and coaches to elevate their sales through compelling customer video testimonials.

You impact the lives of real people, and we help you share their stories. MahaloHub eliminates the challenges and high cost of capturing and sharing customer stories.

One click to share
videos everywhere

MahaloHub makes it effortless to share customer videos wherever your audience is

Embrace the power of a single platform for managing customer praise.

MahaloHub arms you with tools to edit videos, organize testimonials, categorize responses, capture consent, and track analytics

Don’t wait to leverage the power of authentic customer stories

Creators and Consultants

MahaloHub empowers content creators and consultants to amplify their impact with an easy way to quickly and painlessly create volumes of authentic video content to fuel all of their needs.

MahaloHub is a single, powerful tool to build a library of social proof. You’re busy building your business or working with clients to build their business. MahaloHub is a budget-friendly way to turbocharge the collection and sharing of video stories to power your campaigns.
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Don’t wait to supercharge your business with MahaloHub

Non-Profit & Associations

Non-profit organizations have a powerful and compelling message to share. MahaloHub to makes it easy to organize impactful feedback campaigns, help them understand and connect with their community, and capture and share stories.

A single platform with everything you need to organize feedback campaigns. MahaloHub provides a single, simple tool to run multiple feedback and advocacy campaigns to members, donors, supporters and more.
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Don’t wait to leverage the power of authentic stories

Financial Services

Successful financial services organizations enhance their
credibility with MahaloHub

It’s never been easier to build a library of customer stories, thought leadership, tips and insights, and employee stories shared across digital properties.

MahaloHub is a single tool to build a library of awesome video content. MahaloHub equips financial organizations with:

Don’t wait to leverage the power of authentic stories to grow your financial services business.


MahaloHub helps agencies grow by powering new
content-rich campaigns.

Video is at the heart of marketing content, and agencies need a lot of it for their clients. MahaloHub makes it easy for agencies to create content-rich campaigns powered by authentic customer and employee stories for multiple client campaigns.

The MahaloHub Agency Console enables you to setup and manage multiple clients from a single dashboard.

Plus, the 20% revenue sharing doesn’t hurt, either.

Don’t wait to start growing agency revenue by wrapping content-heavy campaigns around MahaloHub.

Real Estate

Realtors rely on word of mouth and customer recommendations. MahaloHub makes it
easy to gather feedback from clients and amplify recommendations across an agent or brokers website, social media channels and advertising.

Automated testimonial requests and follow-ups to improve response rates
Super simple customer experience on mobile devices and laptops.

Time efficient and budget

Don’t wait to start leveraging your happy customers to grow your real estate business.

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